Distressing with Healthy Food

Stress can inhibit our body to work normally. Stress also can lead to obesity, heart disease to hypertension. Lots of healthy foods around us that can help us are effective in reducing stress. Eat low fat foods and choose rich healthy nutrition foods.

The following is a selection of healthy foods that can help you in reducing stress: 

  •   Eat turkey meat, because in turkey meat containing sorotonin. Serotonin is containing calming hormone. Add the turkey meat into your sandwiches, soups, salads or snacks
  • Eat oysters, oysters are rich in vitamin B12, you can add the oysters into your soup or spaghetti sauce
  •    Eat papaya, papaya is rich in Vitamins A and C, papaya also contain folate. Papaya is good for distressing and papaya is also good for your diet
  •    Sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E and folate, add sunflower seeds into salads, snacks or even your ice cream toppings.

There are some foods you should avoid if you highly in stress, avoid beverages containing caffeine (coffee, tea and soda), and avoid drinks containing alcohol. To reduce the stress that is caused by your daily activities, consume healthy food above and you can consume it daily.

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